Perfect for nature experiences and classic coastal holidays

Destination Nordvestkysten is characterised by unique experiences in nature, the largest family attraction in North Denmark, traditional seaside towns, and authentic coastal landing places for fishing vessels. The unspoiled natural landscape in the area provides ample opportunity for outdoor activities, particularly surfing, hiking and mountain biking. It is no wonder that Destination Nordvestkysten is a well-established and popular tourist destination with many exciting holiday destinations along North Denmark’s west coast.


Geographically, Destination Nordvestkysten encompasses over 250 kilometres of coastline, stretching from Hirtshals in the north to Thorsminde in the south, and contains beloved holiday destinations that each attract multiple visitors every year, including Hirtshals & Tversted, Lønstrup, Løkken, Blokhus, Slettestrand & Thorupstrand, Klitmøller & Vorupør, Thorsminde and Thyborøn. Moreover, commercial hubs, such as Holstebro, Thisted and Lemvig, enable visitors to supplement their classic coastal holiday with attractive shopping opportunities and coastal experiences. However, even here, nature is never far away, as these towns are also home to outdoor activities, such as hiking in Husby Klitplantage, taking in the view of the ice age landscape from Bovbjerg Lighthouse, or visiting the magnificent Thy National Park.


Tourism in the area is well established, and the area is loved by both Danish and international visitors. 6 of 10 overnight stays in the area are by international visitors (primarily Germans (44%) followed by Norwegians (7%)). The site’s proximity to Norway and the well-established ferry connections mean North Denmark has a special place in the hearts of most Norwegians. Holiday homes are a staple of a Destination Nordvestkysten holiday, as over 60% of all overnight stays are conducted in a holiday home, followed by camping (20%).


With over 5.8 mil annual overnight stays and a wealth of experiences for visitors to enjoy, Destination Nordvestkysten is a strong card in Danish coastal and nature tourism.


The beloved North Danish seaside towns are worth a visit in themselves. In addition, the area is home to Fårup Sommerland amusement park, North Jutland’s biggest family attraction, as well as magnificent nature experiences, such as the Råbjerg Mile, Thy National Park and Cold Hawaii.
Destination Nordvestkysten includes the municipalities of Hjørring, Holstebro, Jammerbugt, Lemvig, and Thisted.

Main towns

  • The traditional seaside towns, such as Lønstrup, Blokhus, Løkken, etc.
  • Close to Aalborg, Denmark’s fourth largest city
  • Hjørring is an infrastructural focal point of the area
  • Aabybro is the commercial centre of Jammerbugt Municipality’s large holiday home area
  • Holstebro has a thriving cultural scene with musical theatres and art museums
  • Hirtshals secures infrastructural connections to Norway
  • Skive is North Denmark’s central starting point for many experiences along the Limfjord
  • Klitmøller and Slette Strand are important towns in relation to outdoor tourism
  • Thisted is a thriving port town and close to fantastic nature experiences in Thy National Park


Main attractions

The area is home to multiple popular attractions. The main ones are:


Main nature experiences:

The area is characterised by unspoiled natural landscape where the primary attractions are:



The area offers a range of gastronomic experiences that focus on local produce. The main ones are:



The area has good infrastructural connections to the motorway and Aalborg Airport. The ferry port in Hirtshals provides direct access to other markets, especially in Norway. In addition, there are good ferry connections to Norway/Sweden from Frederikshavn on North Denmark’s east coast.


Outdoor experiences

The north-west coast is the perfect place for active holiday experiences, particularly mountain biking and surfing. In particular, the internationally famous area “Cold Hawaii” in and around the coastal town of Klitmøller attracts numerous visitors every year, both from Denmark and abroad. Cold Hawii is a collection of 31 registered surfing spots on the west coast in Thy, stretching from Agger Tange in the south to just north of Hanstholm. The area is called “Cold Hawaii” because the surf and wind conditions are reminiscent of the conditions that are also found in Hawaii.


In addition, the area around Slette Strand is home to some of the best mountain biking tracks in Denmark and attracts crowds of mountain bikers every year. By Slette strand alone, there is a 21-kilometre track – but the area has many other places to explore on your mountain bike.


Destination Nordvestkysten has a varied experience profile characterised by the classic coastal holiday, nature experiences and outdoor activities. This diverse range of opportunities make the destination suitable both to families, who are often looking for a classic holiday home experience with a broad selection of activities, and to the rising tourist within Special Interest Tourism, who are looking to experience nature on a completely new level through outdoor activities.


Development plan for the Danish west coast

As one of the three destinations along the North Danish west coast, the area is an important part of the common development plan for Denmark’s west coast, which is supported by the 11 west coast municipalities. The ambition is to develop Denmark’s west coast as one, integrated destination with a significantly increase in turnover, overnight stays, daily use, and satisfaction.


The plan concentrates on the development of 18 holiday destinations along the west coast and identifies 5 priority areas and 19 specific measures that together shall contribute to making Denmark one of North Europe’s leading coastal destinations by 2025.


The plan can be read here

Current market

The area has a broad experience profile, the main attractions being related to traditional seaside holidays, nature and outdoor activities. Lønstrup appeals to the pleasure-seeker segment in particular, while Løkken and Blokhus have a broader target group, appealing to families with children and holidaymakers going on multigenerational holidays. The destination's catchment area contains 2.7 million people within a three-hour journey.  

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Prospects in the area:

In the areas in Destination Nordvestkysten consisting of the following municipalities: Hjørring, Jammerbugt, Thisted, Lemvig and Holstebro you will find many interesting investment opportunities.

Strandhotellet Blokhus

Being a reinterpretation of a traditional seaside hotel in the centre of Strandhotellet Blokhus (sho…

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Jambo Feriepark

Opportunity to build a large new resort including an activity centre next to the largest family amus…

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Løkken Klithotel

This site provides a unique opportunity to develop a holiday destination close to the coast and to t…

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Hotel Fårup

Hotel Fårup (showcase) is fantastic located on the shore of a lake at the centre of Fårup Sommerland…

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Saltum Strand Ferieresort

Development of 80 new summer cottages for off-season occupancy in existing camping and caravan site …

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Svinkløv Beach Hotel

In the midst of the characteristic dune landscape of North Jutland, the iconic and renowned Svinkløv…

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Agger Apartments

Good location close to the beach and city, with the opportunity to construct 31 holiday apartments (…

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Vorupør Apartments in “Cold Hawaii”

Establishment of 24 holiday apartments in the village of Vorupør in the Cold Hawaii section of the T…

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Rødhus Klit Camping

Government-owned camping and caravan site for which the sales process will begin once the current le…

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Svinkløv Camping

A very well located and scenic camping and caravan site, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape…

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Thyborøn Beachfront

A unique opportunity to develop a hotel/hotel-like project at an undeveloped site in Thyborøn villag…

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Thyborøn Harbour

Exciting project in the centre of Thyborøn fishing village, with views of the marina, beach, and t…

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Strandingshotel Thorsminde

Particularly well-placed plot of land behind the dunes that has the North Sea on one side and Nissum…

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Naturhotel Cold Hawaii





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