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Destination SydVestjylland (The Wadden Sea) consists of Esbjerg, Tønder and Fanø municipalities. Together these make up Destination South West Jutland, which has more than 3.2 million overnight stays every year - many of which are German visitors.


Particularly the islands of Fanø and Rømø attracts a large number of visitors who enjoy the unique nature attractions as well as local specialities and local activities all year round.


For those visitors who are interested in culture, Ribe and Tønder are attractive towns with their old original town centres with exciting attractions.


Esbjerg - the 5th largest city in Denmark - offers trade and activity all year round and is connected via motorway to the other towns and cities in Denmark.

Main towns

  • Lively holiday islands, such as Rømø and Fanø.
  • Esbjerg (population of approx. 120,000), the 5th largest city in Denmark.
  • The historical town of Ribe (population of approx. 8,000)
  • The genuine town of Tønder (population of approx. 8,000)


Main attractions


Main nature experiences


The area offers a range of renowned restaurants that focus on local foods. The main ones are:


Main events
A number of events are creating continuous activity in the area and extends the season. The main ones are:


The area has great infrastructure and is connected to Billund Airport by motorway.

Current capacity
The majority of the commercial overnight stays is centred around the holiday house, and growth is currently occurring in this holiday form and in the German market. There is a demand for more overnight stays that accommodate short stays.

Current capacity distribution:

  • Number of holiday houses: approx. 6,000 
  • Number of camping and caravan sites: 21
  • Number of hotels: 20 (more than 40 beds)
  • Number of holiday centres: 6

Market Today

The experience profile of the area is versatile and the Wadden Sea has a strong position with regards to beaches, nature attractions and outdoor experiences.


The area could potentially be expanded with initiatives to attract pleasure seekers/short stays/family holidays.

Overnight stays - Destination SydVestjylland
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Nationality - Destination SydVestjylland
  • 56%
  • 36%
  • 3%
  • 1%
  • 1%
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Prospects in the area:

There are many interesting investment opportunities in the Destination SydVestjylland (Wadden Sea area) consisting of the municipalities of Esbjerg, Tønder and Fanø. 

Beach Resort Lakolk

With direct access to Lakolk beach there is a great opportunity to establish a hotel project with a …

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Fanø Strandpark

Here is a unique opportunity for a large-scale project in a very attractive location on the holiday …

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Tøndermarsken Resort

Unique opportunity to establish a beach hotel/resort in a unique location by the coast of the Wadden…

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Hotel Lakolk

Here is an opportunity for a very attractive location by transforming the existing hotel located dir…

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Hotel Rømø Havneby

Location in the middle of Havneby - Rømø’s largest town and the island’s lively nerve centre. 



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Rømø Resort Havneby


The area is located right by the seaport with a direct ferry connection to the popular Ger…

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