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Invest in Coastal Tourism in Denmark

Invest in Coastal Tourism in Denmark is an initiative by the national fund Dansk Kyst- og Naturturisme that aims to to develop, grow and strengthen the Coastal Tourism industry in Denmark.


Developing Coastal Tourism in Denmark

Dansk Kyst og Naturturisme holds the responsibility for developing Coastal Tourism across Denmark and we aim to reverse decline to progress in the Danish Coastal Tourism sector and thereby increase market shares. We collaborate closely with local, regional and national municipalities, destination marketing organisations, key private stakeholders as well as national tourist boards as VisitDenmark, MeetDenmark and Wonderful Copenhagen.


Our primary focus is to ensure a commercialization of the Coastal Tourism sector in Denmark by identifying, developing and assisting relevant capacity projects (resorts, hotel, mixed resorts, camping, marinas etc.) as means to obtain the needed growth in market shares in relevant primary markets. Therefore, we focus on three main tasks; international awareness, product development and increased quality within the Coastal Tourism industry.


The development of new attractions and signature experiences capable of attracting international attention is vital to ensure the needed quality boost in the Danish Coastal Tourism industry particularly in the identified geographical areas with highest growth and development potential.


Identifying investment opportunities

Ensuring investments in Coastal Tourism in Denmark is a key factor to succeeding with our challenge. Therefore, we actively promote investment opportunities through the initiative “Invest in Coastal Tourism in Denmark” targeting developers, investors, contractors and other relevant stakeholders.


By highlighting the investment potential in the Danish coastal areas combined with a proactive approach to attract investment capital to identified key commercial investment opportunities, we aim to strengthen the groundwork for future investments in Coastal Tourism in Denmark.

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