The West Coast epitomises classic coastal holidays in Denmark

The West Coast contains a number of well-established destinations with a long history and loyal visitors. The West Coast offers a unique 550 kilometer open, pristine and accessible coastline, as well as attractive, varied natural landscapes, unique attractions and a wide array of experiences.


Today the predominant type of holiday and accommodation is holiday homes, and there are more than 50,000 holiday homes along the Danish west coast. However, several important destinations experience capacity shortage in the high season and wish to extend the range of accommodation facilities. One in every three overnight stays in Denmark is on the West Coast, which is now one of Denmark's biggest and most important tourist products. 

The West Coast comprises eleven Danish municipalities, all of which have a coastline along the North Sea: Frederikshavn, Hjørring, Jammerbugt, Thisted, Lemvig, Holstebro, Ringkøbing-Skjern, Varde, Esbjerg, Fanø and Tønder. The municipalities collaborates based on their geographic location and the 11 municipalities are each represented in one of the destination marketing organisations along the West Coast: 


Primary towns

A string of small and medium-sized coastal towns are located along the west coast. The primary towns are:

  • The northern coastal towns: Skagen (population: 7,500), Løkken (population: 1,600), and Blokhus (population: 500)
  • The popular surfing spot and holiday village Klitmøller (population: 1,200)
  • The southern coastal holiday villages: Søndervig, Hvide Sande, Henne, and Blåvand
  • Esbjerg is secondary in relation to tourism, but as the fifth largest city in Denmark the city constitutes a commercial hub


Principal attractions

The nature and coastline on the West Coast is in itself the greatest attraction.

Other primary attractions are:


Principal nature experiences

With two national parks, a UNESCO heritage site, a geopark and several noted natural landscapes, the outstanding nature of the West Coast is internationally recognised. The principal nature areas are:


The West Coast offers a number of fine gastronomic experiences, including:

Main events

A number of events help invigorate the area. The main events are:


The network of roads is crucial to tourism, especially in the southern and central parts of the West Coast region where many tourists (particularly Germans) arrive by car. The motorways are located inland and connect four of the eleven municipalities on the West Coast: Esbjerg, Holstebro, Hjørring, and Frederikshavn.


The North Sea Cycle Route "Vestkystruten" is a continuous 560-kilometre cycle route - the longest marked in Denmark and connects the West Coast from the north to the south. 


The West Coast is served by three airports, of which Aalborg and Billund operate a large number of international routes. Central Jutland Airport at Karup mainly operates routes to and from Copenhagen. 


The port of Hirtshals is served by a number of international ferry routes, linking the West Coast to the Norwegian market in particular.   

Current capacity
Holiday homes are by far the predominant type of holiday accommodation. The West Coast accounts for 81% of all stays in holiday homes in Denmark, and 65% of commercial overnight stays on the West Coast are in holiday homes. Capacity utilisation is 59%, twice that of the rest of the country. Close to one in four holiday homes in Denmark are located on the West Coast. The predominance of holiday homes means that the offering of accommodation facilities is relatively one-sided, and several large destinations experience a shortage of new capacity in the high season.


Breakdown of current capacity:

  • Holiday homes for rent: 17,160 units
  • Camping pitches: 26,819 pitches (113 camping and caravan sites)
  • Hotel rooms: 4,113
  • Holiday centres: 32 (3,180 units)
  • Hostels: 27 (658 rooms)






Overview: Current demand

Overnight stays - West Coast
All figures in (000) for the latest 5 years
Accomodation types - West Coast

Nationality - West Coast
Share (2022)
  • 61%
  • 31%
  • 3%
  • 2%
  • 1%
Growth latest year
Growth last 5 years
Share international visitors (2019)
Prospects in the area:

At Vestkysten consisting of the municipalities of: Frederikshavn, Hjørring, Jammerbugt, Thisted, Lemvig, Holstebro, Ringkøbing-Skjern, Varde, Esbjerg, Fanø og Tønder you will find many intersting investment opportunities.

Landscapehotel Bjerregaard

Rare opportunity to establish a new landscape hotel on a unique location between Ringkøbing fjord an…

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Jambo Feriepark

Opportunity to build a large new resort including an activity centre next to the largest family amus…

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Ho Nature Hotel

A unique opportunity to develop a nature resort next to Blåvandshuk Golf Club in the attractive Blåv…

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Beach Resort Lakolk

With direct access to Lakolk beach there is a great opportunity to establish a hotel project with a …

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Løkken Klithotel

This site provides a unique opportunity to develop a holiday destination close to the coast and to t…

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Fanø Strandpark

Here is a unique opportunity for a large-scale project in a very attractive location on the holiday …

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Marsk Resort Højer

Unique opportunity to establish a nature resort in a prime location near the town of Højer, UNESCO W…

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Hotel Blokhus

New hotel project in Blokhus, a year-round destination in Northern Jutland that oozes of classic Dan…

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Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark

Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark (showcase) is a five-star, award-winning holiday park of international st…

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Tøndermarsken Resort

Unique opportunity to establish a beach hotel/resort in a unique location by the coast of the Wadden…

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Vejers Badehotel

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Vedersø Klit Hotel

A well-situated seaside resort in a very attractive tourist area, with the opportunity to restore or…

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Strandhotellet Blokhus

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Modern canal town with attractive new accommodation units and a good location near the port of Hvide…

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New spectacular pole-house town featuring holiday homes that can ensure 'hot beds' outside the high …

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Lalandia Søndervig

Lalandia Søndervig is one of the largest projects in Danish Coastal Tourism consisting of 483 holida…

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Jegum Ferieland

New opportunity to establish a holiday centre (local plan has been prepared) in attractive scenery i…

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Hotel Lakolk

Here is an opportunity for a very attractive location by transforming the existing hotel located dir…

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Hotel Rømø Havneby

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Hotel Fårup

Hotel Fårup (showcase) is fantastic located on the shore of a lake at the centre of Fårup Sommerland…

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Thyborøn Beachfront

A unique opportunity to develop a hotel/hotel-like project at an undeveloped site in Thyborøn villag…

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Strandingshotel Thorsminde

Particularly well-placed plot of land behind the dunes that has the North Sea on one side and Nissum…

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Svinkløv Beach Hotel

In the midst of the characteristic dune landscape of North Jutland, the iconic and renowned Svinkløv…

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Rømø Resort Havneby


The area is located right by the seaport with a direct ferry connection to the popular Ger…

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Thyborøn Harbour

Exciting project in the centre of Thyborøn fishing village, with views of the marina, beach, and t…

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Lille Skagen (Little Skagen)

Opportunities for developing a neighbourhood in Skagen, with up to 31,300 m2 private/holiday accommo…

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Børsmose Strand Camping

Government-owned camping and caravan site for which the sales process will begin once the current le…

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Rødhus Klit Camping

Government-owned camping and caravan site for which the sales process will begin once the current le…

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Svinkløv Camping

A very well located and scenic camping and caravan site, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape…

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Vejers Strand Camping

Government-owned camping and caravan site for which the sales process will begin once the current le…

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Vorupør Apartments in “Cold Hawaii”

Establishment of 24 holiday apartments in the village of Vorupør in the Cold Hawaii section of the T…

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